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Where Did the Name Song Rock Come From?

Mark has always enchanted us with songs he wrote for the kids and telling the best stories. He once made up a delightful story called "Song Rock" and we all agreed that it was perfect for the venue. A place for people to gather, sing, dance, build stories and a verse of their life’s song. 

How many guests fit in the barn?

Within the confines of the barn, we can accommodate up to 120 guests with space for a dance floor. Additionally, by opening the barn doors, we can seamlessly extend the celebration outward from either side, welcoming an unlimited number of guests. 

When are payments due?

A deposit is required within 5 days following contract execution. This deposit constitutes 1/3 of the total package price. The second payment is due 6 months before the event, with the remaining balance due 30 days prior to the event date. For events booked within a timeframe of less than 6 months, 1/2 of the total amount will be due. Events booked within 30 days or less require payment in full at the time of booking.

Is there a security guard?

Security services are mandatory for all events serving alcohol. This fee is separate from the rental fee and must be paid 30 days before the event date. The standard rate for security services for a 4-hour event ranges between $300-$400.

Do I have to book a caterer from your vendor list?

We do require that clients select a caterer and bartender from our pre-approved list. Each of these superb companies has worked their magic for numerous Song Rock events, so you can rest assured you're in delicious hands.

But, with advance approval, couples may engage a licensed and insured caterer not on our list as long as they meet the our requirements. Please note that an additional $500 fee will be added to the rental fee for caterers and bartenders not on our list*.

*If you require specific dietary options such as vegan, kosher, halal or you have any other specifications regarding your catering, please reach out! We're happy to make accommodations.

Do you have a preferred vendors list?

Upon booking we send you our recommended vendors list. While you are not required to hire these vendors, any external vendors that you choose are subject to approval. Please note that this option does not extend to our caterers and bartenders.

Vendors must provide proof of business insurance in the form of a Certificate of Insurance (COI) along with a valid business license. 

Are sparklers allowed?

Not only are they allowed, we will provide them for you and light them for your guests.

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