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We are Mark and Jo Hall. We are both native to Georgia, although Mark grew up traveling all over the world. We met in high school in Macon Georgia. We have 4 awesome children and 10 beautiful grandchildren. Jo is a retired Nurse and Mark is a retired Field Service Engineer and a United States Armed Services Veteran.


Several years ago, our family was blessed to live in the Scottish Highlands. Our home was a charming cottage in a glen that was right out of a fairy tale. We enjoyed many wonderful gatherings with friends and family that created many cherished memories. Upon our move back to North Georgia, we were surprised to discover this beautiful piece of land in Waleska that shared the likeness of that from our past. It didn't take long for our family to agree that we should recreate our Scottish home and provide a romantic setting for people to gather, celebrate, and make new memories that will last a lifetime.

You will find Song Rock to be an exclusive venue quaintly nestled within a bonnie glen of the North Georgian hills that is absolutely perfect for weddings and special events. We are delighted be able to share this lovely space, specifically designed for people to come together and create their own forever memories. Song Rock provides a charming cottage, outdoor courtyard, a large barn, and peaceful views of the surrounding nature.

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